Aisha Martin

Aisha Martin is a multifaceted businesswoman who strives to produce growth results in business, branding, and profitability. A visionary at first glance, Martin is undoubtedly a motivation-curator, business strategist, and trailblazer in action. 


Aisha gained experience and certifications in Business Analytics, Economics for Managers, Finance Accounting from Harvard Business School. This serial entrepreneur is also a CBAP (Certified Business Analysis Professional) and a licensed PMP (Project Management Pro).

Equipped as a charismatic speaker, astute business professional, and an ambitious mentor, Aisha has proven to be well​ rounded and diverse in providing business services and representation to reputable business enterprises. Fierce in her delivery, strategic in producing, and prides her career expansion on the confidence in action with driven results consistently for clients.


Martin comes from an extensive diverse background in Finance, eCommerce management, Public Relations, Real Estate, and Transportation logistics. In Public Relations and Business consulting, the A. Martin Group has represented and serviced corporate brands that include Coke, Hulu, Target, FOX, and Turner Studios just to name a few.

Aisha is the author of “​Attracting Your Now,” ​ and the co-author of “​Learn, Lead, and Leave a Legacy: Advancing Women to the Top.” She was named one of the “Top Millennial to Watch” receiving the Ones To Watch: Game Changer Award by the Global Millennial Conference. This multidimensional business executive has appeared on shows including Dr. Oz, Atlanta Live WATC 57, and is a contributing writer to Forbes as a member of their Forbes Agency Council. Without a doubt, she has a passion in pursuance to being one of the trendsetting consultants in assisting business organizations to achieve their greatest goals in profit, growth, and brand loyalty.